Solar Home Light System

Solar Home Light System

Solar Home Lightening system is highly reliable , safe & cost effective solution for Home & Industries. These systems are user friendly. The system comprises of PV module for charging the battery , a charge controller for the safe charging of battery highly reliable LED lights & CFL lights. The solar Home light Systems consists of Solar Module(s), deep cycle battery, compact fluorescent lamps & wires and hardware required to set the system up. The solar home light systems serve as an invaluable source of power in far of remote place, where there is no present means of acquiring electricity ( Communication outposts, forest reserves, camp sites, rural communities etc. or as stand - by - source during power outages.

Benefits & Features:

  1. „Fully automated operation.

  2. Microcontroller digital accuracy.

  3. Detects day and night using PV array.

  4. Sealed/flooded battery select.

  5. Temperature compensation. 

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